All You Need To Know About Online Exercise Classes


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted how people go about their daily activities. For instance, with gyms closed, it became difficult for people to exercise as they did in the past. If you happen to be a physical fitness enthusiast, you do not have to worry about your daily exercise. Luckily for you, there are online exercise programs designed for people who cannot access their gym. So, what are online exercise classes and how do they work? Read this guide. 

What Are Online Exercise Classes? 

Online exercise classes are programs formulated by physical trainers for clients who wish to exercise at home or work. Usually, the program can be streamed live to create a gym-like experience and keep the participants motivated. Alternatively, it could be a one on one session with the trainer. The classes could also be pre-recorded. In this case, you log in to the trainer's website or social media pages and follow the routines in the uploaded videos. 

Why Should You Consider Online Exercise Classes? 

Other than the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are numerous benefits of online exercise classes. They include: 

  • The classes are flexible since you can exercise at any time. It is unlike a gym that has a predetermined program.
  • Online classes are cheaper than gyms. The trainers charge lower rates since they do not have to invest in equipment and rent space. Conversely, clients do not have to drive to the gym.
  • Online exercise classes can be customised to suit your needs. It is especially so if you opt for a personalised program.
  • Online exercise programs are ideal for people with esteem issues that prevent them from going to the gym. You exercise in private, away from prying eyes. 

Choosing An Online Exercise Class

You will find numerous online exercise classes on the internet. So, how do you settle on one? Start by examining the accreditation of the trainer. For example, what is their speciality? Do they have any training in the field? What do clients have to say about them? The rule is that the trainer should motivate you to perform the exercises. Therefore, check a few demo videos to know if they are the right fit. Then, examine the available classes. Preferably, consider programs that have a wide range of classes to reduce monotony. For instance, the program could have yoga, tai chi, cardio, strength training, and Zumba. Finally, assess the pricing and payment plans to ensure you can afford the classes. 

Online exercise classes are your best bet when you need a personalised, affordable and flexible training program. Follow the recommended guidelines as you choose the classes. 


10 January 2022

Exercising as an oldie

A lot of people think of age as an excuse to stop exercising, but keeping your body healthy is just as important when you are older. I have started lifting weights and running long distance as an senior because I have been able to dedicate a lot more time to my fitness now that I don't have work or kids to look after. I am now a lot fitter and more active than I was when I was young and it is great because I enjoy life more. This blog has tips on getting started on exercise as a senior.