Are You About to Receive a Bundle of Joy This Season? 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Physiotherapy Sessions


Expecting a baby is among the most exciting moments for both parents. However, it might also be physically taxing or even difficult for the mother. During pregnancy, the mother might experience various changes in their body, such as tired legs, aching feet and back pain. However, physiotherapy will help the expectant mother in many ways and alleviate the toll on the body. Physiotherapy isn't good only for the mothers expecting their first children but also for those expecting their fifth ones. If you are expectant, here's why you shouldn't ignore physiotherapy sessions:

Back Pain Won't Torment You Again

Pregnancy causes several changes in a mother's body that affects her posture in a big way. Back pain is common among most pregnant women, and it affects their ability to handle their routine tasks at home in a big way. Back pain also compromises the quality of sleep they should get, making pregnancy less exciting sometimes. The mother's body usually changes to accommodate the growing baby's needs, and this causes the mother to experience pains, aches and discomforts. However, physiotherapy helps you manage the aches and pains and also increase comfort. Most professional physiotherapists use massage and other physical exercises that help relax the spine muscles.

Labour and Delivery Won't Take a Toll on You

Most expectant women are less active during pregnancy, probably due to back pain or fatigue. If they don't find ways to keep their body active, they might have a hard time in the labour room. However, a physiotherapist will find ways to keep you physically active so you could deliver with ease unless your doctor has restricted physical activity or has put you on bed rest. Physiotherapists use different flexibility and strength techniques to make delivery easier and quicker. Besides offering flexibility exercises in their physio clinics, physiotherapists also recommend the exercises expectant mothers should do at home to make their childbirth experience easier and more exciting.

Bye-Bye Incontinence

Incontinence isn't just stressful and annoying, but it also lowers the mother's self-esteem in a big way. When the pregnancy changes affect the mother's pelvic floor muscles, they might have a problem controlling their bladder. However, physiotherapists know the techniques or exercises to use to strengthen the pelvic muscles and prevent incontinence. If you have already developed urinary incontinence, regular physiotherapy sessions will help alleviate it, and you might not experience it again even after delivery.

So if you have always heard other pregnant women talk about prenatal physiotherapy or you probably read it somewhere, it's time to experience it and its benefits. Physiotherapists use different flexibility enhancements and exercises to make your pregnancy less stressful. They understand the physical changes that take place during pregnancy and the impact they have on the mother's overall health.


15 May 2020

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