The Fastest & Cheapest Method for Building Muscle for Scrawny Guys


For thinner guys, putting on muscle can often seem impossible, no matter what you try. Expensive supplements, meals and gym memberships all serve as excellent deterrents to commencing a workout program and making any lasting gains, leaving you behind on the sports field or hiding in the shade at the beach come summertime. Whether your goals are sports-related or simply geared towards filling out your clothes a little better, in this age of superhero movies, there has never been more pressure on men to bulk up: here is the quickest and cheapest way to get the job done.


The first thing that naturally thinner guys have to focus on is significantly increasing their calorie intake. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to drink whole milk - two litres supplies you with over 60 grams of protein and over 1200 calories, with a good balance between the three macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats), which are all essential to build muscle. Add this daily to a diet of cheap staples such as oats, brown rice, lean protein sources and cheap frozen vegetable,s and you have a recipe for significant yet inexpensive muscle and strength gains.


Forget the gym membership for now. Rather than dealing with costly monthly or annual fees, travelling to and from the gym and spending time waiting for equipment to be vacated, invest in some quality used gym equipment. This way, you can work out at any time and simply resell everything later if you find you need to upgrade. You will need:

  • A weight bench
  • Squat stands
  • One barbell
  • 100kg in iron weights.

Check local listings and suppliers of used gym equipment to find the best deal on high quality equipment, at a fraction of the retail cost. Gather these items together, and you are ready for a productive workout whenever you please.

Routine In any pursuit, you should always strive to get the maximum results from the minimum possible effort: quality over quantity. With this in mind, begin by working solely on compound exercises: that is, exercises that require the movement of multiple joints. The foundation of any good strength and mass building routine should be squats, deadlifts and bench presses. These alone will constitute a full body workout; however, the addition of overhead presses, barbell rows, chin ups and dips (which can be performed between two chairs), will produce greater results by targeting the shoulders, arms and back more directly. Put this all into practise consistently and you will see incredible results, at a fraction of the time and expense you may previously have imagined. Good luck!


16 November 2017

Exercising as an oldie

A lot of people think of age as an excuse to stop exercising, but keeping your body healthy is just as important when you are older. I have started lifting weights and running long distance as an senior because I have been able to dedicate a lot more time to my fitness now that I don't have work or kids to look after. I am now a lot fitter and more active than I was when I was young and it is great because I enjoy life more. This blog has tips on getting started on exercise as a senior.