Recovering from a hiking fall


Hiking is a great exercise option and combines both endurance and aerobic exercise with strength and balance. It can also be a great social exercise if you head out with friends! Unfortunately it can be easy to fall when hiking, especially if you are not on a well-maintained hiking path. 

Here are some tips to help you recover from a hiking fall as quickly as possible. 

Rest up after you fall

It can be tempting to get straight back on your feet but it's a good idea to spend a few minutes assessing your injuries and making sure that you haven't got any serious injuries. If you do have a serious injury such as a swollen ankle it's a good idea to stay put and wait for help to come back to get you up. If you are with other people you can send them for help and if you don't have a help party you can call for help or active your emergency beacon. 

Proceed carefully

If you do need to get up you should be as careful as possible as you proceed. If you have bandages, you should strap up any joint that feel loose. You can also get a branch from a nearby tree or a straight piece of fence pole to use as a walking stick and help to support some of your weight. You should also take regular walking breaks, especially if you feel some discomfort in your body as you proceed. 

Get immediate medical attention

Even if you don't feel seriously injured it can be a good idea to get a doctor to check you over after a fall. They can assess for issues such as concussion, which can be tricky to self-assess and small breaks and strains which may need further treatment to stop them from getting worse. 

Get some followup attention

Even if you don't have a serious injury it can be a great idea to head to the sports physio for a tune-up. They can review your balance and give you some exercises to help strengthen your body. They can also provide some pain relief though massage if you have residual soreness from the fall. 

By taking some sensible precautions following a hiking fall you should be able to quickly regain full strength and balance. Before long you'll be able get back on the hiking trails and enjoying the great outdoors. 


11 July 2017

Exercising as an oldie

A lot of people think of age as an excuse to stop exercising, but keeping your body healthy is just as important when you are older. I have started lifting weights and running long distance as an senior because I have been able to dedicate a lot more time to my fitness now that I don't have work or kids to look after. I am now a lot fitter and more active than I was when I was young and it is great because I enjoy life more. This blog has tips on getting started on exercise as a senior.